The Mosh Pit

The possibility of the impossible “play” of a certain excess in relation to any mechanical movement, orientated process, path traces in advance, or teleological program, would be the very condition of the step pas, or even the experience of pathbreaking, route, march, decision, event: the coming of the OTHER, in sum, or writing and desire.

Jacques Derrida

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About linneazeiner

Linnea Zeiner is a counter-culture feminist historian and digital humanist conducting multi-disciplinary research in transmedia platforms of scholarship, presentation, and pedagogy. Her thesis, grunge feminism: performing gender paradox in queered plays of hypertexuality, published in 2015, was the first born-digital, interactive thesis at San Diego State. She is a lecturer in SDSU’s Classics and Humanities Department and is a Communication doctoral student at the University of California San Diego

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