Fluidity in Music Genres

Though people can make generalizations about punk when first hearing the term, there is not necessarily a straightforward definition as it is constantly changing.

In fact, I would argue that any type of music genre is constantly changing. One example is the recently changing pop music. Pop music is ever changing, as it shaped by what is popular at the time. Currently, pop music is interestingly enough characterized to similar sounds/tones as electronic dance music. Zedd is a perfect example of this, as he has had multiple songs that are considered as pop-EDM. All this being said, all music genres seem to be continuing to develop and change. Though there are more “original” forms of music genres, new ideas are always out there to change things up a bit.

In regards to punk and my own interpretation of the term, I think of punk as having an “emo vibe” to it. I also have this perception that it is a middle ground between rock and screamo music. Rock is more mainstream and gained popularity over the decades and has beats, rhythms, and lyrics that people can dance and sing along to. On the other hand, “screamo” music is not as main stream and seems to have aggressive, darker tones to the music, making it harder for people to sing along to. 

There is however an argument that I seem to agree with from the article: punk rock is not the same as rock n’ roll as punk rock has more emotion in its music (Kvaran, 68)

One of the punk rock bands mentioned, The Dictators have songs that seem to have quite a bit of emotion and meaning. Despite the song having an upbeat rhythm to it, the lyrics have differing undertones.

I stare into the TV screen but every face reminds me of a girl. I never used to be so mean but I can’t bear to face my shattered world, you just ain’t fair to this romeo. I fell apart when I watched you go Baby, baby, baby



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