Expression and Opinion Through Art

Grunge includes elements of low, hidden, earthly, dark, material, immanent visceral (Zeiner).

Additionally, Seattle can be considered as grunge due to the noise, style, people are into rock n roll, rain, musty garages (1991)

In regards to the art in this section, there are definitely similarities between the work of Kurt Cobain and that of Cindy Sherman and Sue William.

For example, in Ms. Zeiner’s video about Kurt Cobain, I noticed that Cobain had works which showed his fascination with the female reproductive systems, illness, and disfigured human beings. Images related to this appeared in album covers, his photography album, and more of his art. Exemplified below are images from his album, In Utero

Image result for kurt cobain in utero album  Image result for kurt cobain in utero album

Similarly, Cindy Sherman used grotesque images within her art, mainly photography. Sherman is a respected photographer from the 20th century. She first began interest in painting, though she later realized her greater passion for photography. Sherman had yikesmultiple styles and depictions throughout her career as a photographer. In 1992, one of her styles was more sexual; her series of photographs at this time was titled “sex pictures,” which included photograph of dolls and prosthetic body parts usually in “highly sexual poses,” which contained “prosthetic genitalia – both male and female – often used in extreme close-up” ( This was somewhat similar to Cobain’s artistic form in that there were sexual aspects of the human body; Cobain, for example, used the female reproductive system in some of his works while Sherman included male and female genitalia in her work.

Image result for sue williams art

The work of Sue Williams was also similar to that of Kurt Cobain, though in a different light. Williams is an artist from the 20th century who had works which depicted her own thoughts of “sexism and the position of women in society” (Smith, NY Times). Williams had strong feelings about this topic, which were depicted within her work. Sadly, Williams herself had been in violent, abusive relationships, and this artwork seemed like it was her way to express her built up resentments from within.

Image result for kurt cobain dragThough Cobain did not have directly the same type of artwork, there are some underlying elements which are similar. It seems that both the work of William and Cobain had principles of going against society’s gender norms. While Williams depicted her strong opinions of sexism, “Cobain dragged his performances and left masculine identity behind, showing his disdain for hegemonic masculinity” (Zeiner).



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