This is a repository of Layered Student Research from Modern U.S. History (H110) and “The Future” (HUM409-Honors). All work is accessible for contextualization and meaning with proper citation.

Use MLA or Chicago style formatting when citing work along with the hyperlink for the trackback.  (H110)

This course examines a three-dimensional, non-linear history of the United States from the late 19th century through the 21st century. The lenses of gender, race, and socio-cultural movements will be used to engage with music, images, and writings over 100 years. We will not only be studying pivotal political and economic events, but directly interacting with and dissecting media representations surrounding these occurrences and the impacts they had on American society.

screen-shot-2017-01-15-at-1-33-09-pmWhat is the Future  (HUM409-honors)

This class engages with speculative, pop-ontological, and techno-anxiety inducing sci-fi to explore the broad spectrum of realities presented in visual as well as written narratives, and to critique the social constructions of bodies and spaces in “The Future”.