About linneazeiner

Linnea Zeiner is a counter-culture feminist historian and digital humanist conducting multi-disciplinary research in transmedia platforms of scholarship, presentation, and pedagogy. Her thesis, grunge feminism: performing gender paradox in queered plays of hypertexuality, published in 2015, was the first born-digital, interactive thesis at San Diego State. She is a lecturer in SDSU’s Classics and Humanities Department and is a Communication doctoral student at the University of California San Diego



The stuff you don’t typically know….Straight outta Compton

Music-Jazz, Artwork & Music: Photography, History, Personal Histories, Memoirs, Music, Art, Food Culture, Beer Culture, Drake, countercultures-1960s, 1970s, Led Zeppelin,

Movies-Film Noir, Jazz, 1940s, WWII,

The internet, technology-the spread of ideas…

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