FINAL Projects

Objective: Engage with Language, Performance, Rites of Passage, Traditions, Rituals, Styles, Identities, Cosmology/Religion, Art, Crafts, Histories, Folklore, Food, Celebrations, Holidays, Recreation & Leisure, and Music. Select one of these (there may be some overlap) to examine and critique through a specific lens. You are invited to explore something we have covered in class or delve into something new! Your essay will be focused on a culture genre and you will provide a visual and textual analysis much like your previous projects. Together with your group-mates, you will create a project that gives a very specific viewpoint about one regionality’s cultural production.


Circus Culture & The Human Body

Circus Culture & The Human Body


As the individual performers, small-town communities, and impresarios transformed the European circus into a uniquely-American production, it became a significant cultural projection of the country’s growth and prominence. The traveling circus came to represent the nation’s blooming industrial economy and all of the cultural productions that came along with it. From giantism to attitudes around social mobility, the Americanized circus has portrayed a variety of cultural productions throughout its 140+ year history. One key area of cultural impact that is worthy of closer examination is the circuses influence on body image in American culture. Through it’s unique blurring of gender roles, incorporation of disabilities, and displays of animalistic behavior, the nation’s most popular family amusement fundamentally changed how the human form is perceived in the United States.

The 90’s

The 90s





Modern Celebrity Culture

Modern Celebrity Culture

modern rap



Dance & Movement

This semester in Humanities 370, we are interested in music and dance: specifically, how the sounds and cultures surrounding certain genres of music influence the styles of dance, movement, or performance that accompany the music in live settings. The three genres we have chosen to explore are: hip hop, electronic dance music, and the combined genres of punk and grunge.

Dance & Movement




New York: American Culture Group 3


CBBG-Courtesy of Maggie Watts. Project: CBGB & OMFUG

Los Angeles

The City of Angels: Best of the West (actually just the best)


The Dude-Courtesy of Darren Poland. Project: The Dude Abides: A Cultural Analysis of The Big Lebowski

New Orleans



Courtesy of Kohta Zaiser. Project: Jazz Funerals

San Francisco

1970s LBGT Culture in San Francisco


Courtesy of Jenna Rogenski. Project: Discrimination in San Francisco’s Gay Communities in the 1970s.