FINAL Projects

Objective: Engage with Language, Performance, Rites of Passage, Traditions, Rituals, Styles, Identities, Cosmology/Religion, Art, Crafts, Histories, Folklore, Food, Celebrations, Holidays, Recreation & Leisure, and Music. Select one of these (there may be some overlap) to examine and critique through a specific lens. You are invited to explore something we have covered in class or delve into something new! Your essay will be focused on a culture genre and you will provide a visual and textual analysis much like your previous projects. Together with your group-mates, you will create a project that gives a very specific viewpoint about one regionality’s cultural production.


New York: American Culture Group 3


CBBG-Courtesy of Maggie Watts. Project: CBGB & OMFUG

Los Angeles

The City of Angels: Best of the West (actually just the best)


The Dude-Courtesy of Darren Poland. Project: The Dude Abides: A Cultural Analysis of The Big Lebowski

New Orleans



Courtesy of Kohta Zaiser. Project: Jazz Funerals

San Francisco

1970s LBGT Culture in San Francisco


Courtesy of Jenna Rogenski. Project: Discrimination in San Francisco’s Gay Communities in the 1970s.