Powerful & Controversial

A young n*gga got it bad ’cause I’m brown.

And not the other color, so police think they have the authority

To kill a minority

One scene particularly that depicts the social commentary of the movie is the scene in which the N.W.A performs the song “F*ck Tha Police” after a Detroit police officer had told them not to do so. The group proceeded to play the song, while doing so riling up everyone at the concert, getting them to sing along to the powerful lyrics. Towards the end of the song, the police officers, which were all over the concert, were furious and began to fire shots to warn them and prompt the crowd to disperse. The police then later had chased them outside, trapped them, and locked them up in jail. At the same time, the crowd turned into a riot against the police.

The song itself has been deemed as controversial as the lyrics contain profanity and violent connotations. Therefore, when it came to the time of the concert, the police had told them to not play it as it prompted violence against law enforcement. The N.W.A. nodded and agreed, yet they all looked at each other knowing that they would perform it regardless.

Additionally, the song may have been seen as controversial, though the reason that it was written in the first place is that the N.W.A had been harassed because of their race. The group was aware of the violence towards other African Americans, therefore they made this song as part of their first amendment right to free speech, depicting the unfair harassment that themselves and others have had to go through because of the police at the time.